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Photo equipment, photo hour, RAW files, editor, retouching hour and final product = price

full format DSLR/Digital Single Lens Reflex camera

Why so expensive?

The given price for the assignment shall cover the entire scope of the assignment such as preparation, photography and retouching hours.

There is a lot of work in this retouching hour, the actual photography and preparation takes time. Each photo can take about 1 hour or more to retouch. I handle digital files with respect and care. I give them value. The images should not be treated as a throwaway product

Photography is expensive, but photography is expensive at both ends. Photographers don’t really earn 2,212,- an hour just to push a button. And when you take into account the hidden time and monetary investments, most photographers do not earn much more than the accountant, cleaners, or your hairdresser. Photo Session is filled with «hidden hours». That one photo session? The photographer probably spent a full eight-hour on that day. Although the customer may only see the photographer for an hour, the photographer has to go through this:

Over an hour of planning the shooting + time to travel to the shooting + half an hour to set up the equipment + the actual hour of the photoshoot + time to travel back + about an hour to load and select the best photos + another two hours minimum to edit the photos and an hour to load the photos online

That actual price of 2,212, pr hour will be about 265, an hour, not including expenses. But when you hire a photographer, you only see a small amount of what it actually took to produce the final images.


Photography equipment is simply expensive. For example, take the typical cost of one of the photography genres that require the least amount of equipment. And that is the lifestyle portraits.

The camera costs at least 14,990,- for a new professional DSLR, such as the Nikon D750. Most photographers have a different camera body in case of emergency. And the cameras are likely to be replaced after about three years because or so, like any other technology, they become outdated pretty quickly


Editing photos is also not cheap, tablets, computer equipment including external hard drives to back up these photos, and as cameras they need to be replaced by a few years. And factor in the retouching program of 117.50 kr per month

The camera flash will cost at least 2,095,- such as the Nikon SB-700, and most professional photographers will have more than one

And oh, in addition to that as for example: memory cards, filters, camera bag and extra batteries


The camera lens at a minimum cost is 2 988,- A 50 mm f/1.8 is a good portrait lens – the option compatible with the nikon d750 is 2 440 kr. And it only allows one perspective, most photographers will have either multiple premium lenses that cost 2,440 – 5,990/14,998 kroner or two zoom lenses that cover a variety of perspectives that cost over 6,987 each. The cheaper lenses need to be replaced frequently, while the more expensive lenses will fortunately last longer than the camera body.

And that’s just one part of photography gear. It would not have been possible to live on the basic price of the photography if this was the only income for a photographer, that’s why it costs extra to buy photos after photoshoot.


Can we get or buy all the RAW-files?

Get RAW files

In the old days when the camera was only with analog films, where a roll of film is loaded into the camera, and the magic begins when the button is pressed: the light interacts with the chemicals in the film and a picture is recorded (negatives). With digital camera, on the other hand, it is called RAW file, it is its digital cameras negative.

A photographer would rather not sell one or give away unedited photos/RAW files. A RAW file straight out of the camera contains a lot of information that can be processed in the retouching process, and often looks gray and flat. In this process, the images come to life, where the magic begins and that is where the photographer gets to insert his style into photography. 30 minutes of photoshoot can quickly have 200 photos and out of the 200 photos only 43 photos are selected further for retouching. It’s not like you take only one picture and you’re finished. It could go between 3 to 15 photos to get the one perfect shot. With all the work that lies before and after the final result, a photographer will protect his work, to get their customer to follow the Copyright Act. For you as a customer, RAW file is probably useless for you.

The answer to the question of getting or buying RAW file is a big NO

Single-lens Reflex (SLR)/Single-Eyed System Camera with 35mm Film

Buying unedited photos or RAW files as it’s called isn’t that idealistic, as this will probably cost you triple as much as a photographer will bill you with pre-retouched images, most often with package price. Simply from 10 000,- kr per RAW file. Included in the price is the original copyright to that image and any changes made to it. The scene and all copyrights with it will go to the buyer. Unless you are a photographer yourself, it is possible to purchase RAW files. But then again, it will cost from 10 000, – kr (€1,000) and up. All photographers have their own style, so why should one have RAW file from another photographer?

35mm Single-Lens Reflex (SLR) Camera


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