I’m Blair Guerrero, a mother, a daughter, a girlfriend and a friend.

I’ve been judge because of how I look, where I’m from, my age, my height, status on life and what I struggle with. I’ve got 3 kids(1,2&9) plus 2 bonus (9&11) kittens, household, not to mention dinner making. And on top of that I’m squeezing photography in my tight schedule. I struggle with anxiety, depression and ptsd. I’m dead exhausted, supposedly be lying in bed and dying slowly, but I’ve also got ocd. If I don’t follow my routine, I’ll be ill. So my body is always on adrenalin. There are times I feel like breaking down, which I have, mostly in silence. But I’ve got kids. Don’t get me wrong, they are the reason why I’m still standing. Without them, I’ll probably be dead long time ago.

I mean, being at home with kids, you’re not «JUST AT HOME» sitting on the couch «RELAXING», doing nothing, you are basically all over the place!
You are a parent, you are responsible to keep another human being alive 24/7. Like, you can’t just stop at any point.

We got a long way to go

Stay humble

No matter how far you’ve come in life, always stay humble. Coz life teaches us new things everyday, we learn new things from everybody no matter the age, race, degree, gender, income & status in life. Don’t be too caught up with thinking that you know better/everything, coz we are all just a student in this world. Be kind to one another! Blair Guerrero photography.


Our stepping stones

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